General information

Opting for supervision with a MINOR, rather than a MAJOR in Strategic Management requires additional credits:

For IBW (066 914), in order to be considered for supervision, you need to complete your Minor differently:

Instead of pursuing BOTH methods classes (empirical methods I and experimental methods I), you need to complete ONE of the methods streams (i.e. either experimental methods or empirical methods) in-depth and complete related parts I and II.

Additionally you need to have completed the Strategy seminar (MA) . In total you need an additional 4 ECTS.

For BW (066 915), besides the standard Minor you need to have additionally completed a SECOND methods class (either Experimental methods II or Empirical methods II) as well as the Strategy seminar (MA). In total you need an additional 8 ECTS.

IMPORTANT: You need to have already completed the additional ECTS by the time of your application for supervision.

When planning your supervision, please note the following:

Adding the extra ECTS does NOT guarantee you supervision. It is a necessary, but by itself no sufficient condition for supervision. Each request for supervision is assessed on its own merit, according to our general guide-lines and the requirements of a specific topic .

Each semester, there are 24 spaces available in the Master seminar. Considering the number of Strategic Management Major students, a place in the seminar may be difficult to obtain.

In order to complete your Minor differently, please contact the office  in good time regarding course registration. Once you have completed the extra class(es), please contact the office again to ensure your classes are credited correctly.