Experimental Methods II ("Experimental Methods 2.01")

Winter Term: 040041 Master Level (Advanced)

Summer Term: 040047 Master Level (Advanced)


The goal of the follow-up course to Methods 1.1 is to enable students to conduct their own experiment. In the beginning students will select topics and we will discuss possible programs to use for conducting experiments. After introducing methods to analyze the results, students develop their own research questions, a methodology testing those, and possibly code a program to implement the test. Corresponding, we discuss the issues and insights students will find. In the final classes, students will conduct a test run and present their findings.


Admission to the Master's program

2016 Curriculum: Successful completion of the Minor

Language: This course is held in English

Assignments and assessment:

Class participation, preparation and implementation of experiment, final paper


As part of the course grade, your class participation will be assessed every session. You will automatically fail the class if you miss more than 10% of sessions.