Unauthorized distribution of course material

Dear students,

we want to make it clear that the material created by the lecturers and made available to you in their courses (including powerpoint-slides) is meant for your personal educational use only and is not yours to distribute further. Be aware that this is copyrighted material and that further distribution (online or otherwise) without consent of the lecturer is not permitted.


Information for Students

We teach in a variety of programs at the Department of Business Administration (Master and PhD level). Two to three courses are currently being offered at BSc level. All our subject area courses are taught in English, with a small number of courses from different departments being taught in German.

For all Master level courses, students need to have completed a Bachelor Degree in Business, have been admitted to the Master program (066 914 or 066 915) and have a thorough command of English.

Master classes from our subject area can NOT be chosen for "Individuelle Vertiefung" of the Bachelor degree. Should you have been accepted into a class because of a technical loophole - whilst missing prerequisites -, you will unfortunately have to be de-registered.

If you want to complete both Minor and Major, ALL Minor courses need to have been completed before you can enroll for the Major courses. More information can be found here.

Students must be correctly registered for the relevant class BEFORE it starts you can only graded with a valid registration! (i.e. sitting in without registration does not work.)

Please note: Students registered for a class who miss the first session without contacting the relevant lecturer in writing (at the very latest until 24 hours before the relevant class' first session), giving a relevant reason/proof (e.g. illness=doctors's certificate) for their absence, will lose their place.

This gives students on the waiting list the opportunity to move up. Therefore, should you be on a waiting list for a course that is fully booked, please attend the first session in case a place becomes available.  

As regards formal issues relevant across courses, please see Administrative issues.


Additionally we would like to inform you that, starting with Winter term 2018/19, TURNITIN will be used in order to test all written coursework (e.g. seminar papers) for possible plagiarism.

If you are unsure about the inclusion of copyrighted materials you may want to have a look at the information provided here. Similarly, if you have concerns about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), i.e. the Datenschutz Grundverordnung (DSGVO), and its possible effects on surveys you may plan for e.g. your thesis, take a look here. (Please note that, at the moment, the information is only available in German.)