PhD in Management and Strategic Management Specialization

The PhD Program in Management is modeled after those of leading U.S. business schools, and it is designed to prepare candidates for a successful career in international academe. The PhD specialization in Strategic Management focuses on understanding why and how organizations differ in their decision-making behavior, and how this translates into design and performance differences

Below, find information on the different aspects of the PhD program in Management and the Strategic Management Specialization.

Course work

Students admitted to the program will receive extensive postgraduate training (for about three to four semesters) prior to embarking on their thesis research. The course curriculum cuts across all those disciplines that we deem relevant to our field, and it consists of two main parts: the core programme, and the elective programme. You can find more information about those on the general PhD Management website (s. the links below). If you would like to specialise in Strategy and Organizational Design, you can find an overview on the content regularly offered by our department.