14 November

Dear students, due to a recent incident, we want to make it clear that the material created by the lecturers and made available to you in their courses (including powerpoint-slides) is meant for your personal educational use only and is not yours to distribute further. Be aware that this is copyrighted material and that further distribution (online or otherwise) without consent of the lecturer is not permitted.


---End of News 2021/Beginning of News 2022---


24 August

Dear students, please note the following: Prof. Reitzig will be on sabbatical leave the up-coming summer term (SS 22) for research purposes. This means that he will not be able to take on more students for master supervision for this time period, and that he will not be able to hold the Strategy Seminar course (Major) as usual. We are working on a solution to be able to offer you the seminar regardless, but can currently not guarantee anything.

We are aiming to give you an update by the time of this semester's registration phase. Should any uncertainty be left by that time, we would recommend that you try and register for this semester's seminar course, to be on the safe side.


30 June

Dear students, if you are waiting to apply for a master thesis at our subject area, it may be of interest to you that the list of available topics has now been updated!

You can find our updated list here.


---End of News 2020/Beginning of News 2021---


23 October

Dear students, we would like to draw your attention to the new Master's thesis topics you can apply for. If you are interested in Novel Forms of Organizing, these may be of particular interest to you. 

You can find our updated list of topics here


18 September

Dear students: Please note that some of our courses will use Zoom as video-conferencing tool for their digital sessions. Both for those sessions, which are already planned as digital ones, and in the case that the circumstances surrounding the current pandemic necessitate a fast switch from teaching in the lecture halls to purely online-teaching. 

We strive to offer you online-sessions of the same quality as our regular sessions, and while there might be other video-conferencing tools available, Zoom is currently the only widely used one that offers the full range of functionality we need for some of our courses. Zoom will allow us to conduct case-based online-sessions that very closely mirror our regular, highly interactive seminar sessions.

However, Zoom is hosted and stores data outside of the EU, namely on US servers. We are thus not able to guarantee the storage and use of your data in full accordance with the GDPR, and cannot hold Zoom accountable for it either. Therefore we ask that you keep this in mind when registering and participating in the respective courses.

To inform yourself on how Zoom processes and uses personal data, you may want to have a look at the Zoom Privacy Statement here:


If your concerns about Zoom’s data security prevent you from registering for our courses we are  regretful, but understand that you may want to take other courses/pursue a different minor instead. 


11 February

Dear students, as our methods courses are always heavily booked, this semester you can find an additional Experimental Methods I course in the course registry/u:find. We hope that this will somewhat alleviate the pressures of the long waiting list.

These two tracks for Experimental Methods will each focus on a different topic, which is mentioned in the title and elaborated on in the course description. 

Starting next semester, we will also offer Experimental Methods II for both of these. Therefore please note: We very much encourage you to pick one of the two tracks and stick to it for the second course as well. The knowledge of the contents gained in the first course will be essential for the successful completion of the second courses, so we do not recommend mixing them.


---End of News 2019/Beginning of News 2020---

03 December

Dear students, if you look at the list of potential MA thesis topics here, you will find new topics available. Have a look if you are interested in writing your thesis at our department. 


15 November

Dear students, we would like to inform you that new topics for MA theses will be published around the beginning of December. You will be able to find them here.


15 May

If you are considering writing your MA thesis at our department, you may find our newly added thesis topics of interest. Please keep in mind that more topics may be added throughout May.


---End of News 2018/Beginning of News 2019---

30 November

The old curricula for 066 914 and 066 915 run out as of today.


20 November

New topics have been added to the list of potential MA thesis topics. Please note that additional topics may be added from time to time.


31 October

We would like to inform you that new MA thesis topics are on the way. However, due to illness, they will be published with some delay - around 15 November.


5 September

The final KFK oral exam will take place on 11 October 2018 from 9.30-12.30. Please ensure you have registered with SSC and contacted our office for your individual slot. Registration is already open.


21 August

Please note that for all written coursework (like seminar papers), TURNITIN will be used from Winter term 2018/19 in order to test for possible plagiarism.


31 July

The forthcoming exam dates for VO Strategy (from Summer term 2018) will become available for registration within the next few days.


27 July

The forthcoming exam dates for Econ Psy (from Summer term 2018) will become available for registration within the next few days.


06 June

Please note the forthcoming KFK oral exam will take place on 27 June (exact times TBA), it is listed under "Masterprüfung" in the system. Please remember to hand in the relevant form to SSC in good time.


14 May

Regarding the Master Thesis topics, please note that more topics will be added over time.


3 May

The next KFK oral exam will take place on 27 June (exact times TBA).


2 May

As of today, the grades for the KU Business Strategy (040020-2) are online.

Please note that, due to illness, new Master thesis topics will be announced over the course of the next few days until May 10.


1 March

Please note that there are two new Master thesis topics (No. 8 and No. 9).


27 February

This is relevant for all Major students, who were unable to register for a Major class because of not having passed Econ Psy on 25 January 2018 -  if this is your ONLY missing class from the Minor.

You may register for classes from the Major. Please send an email with your registration number and class/es you would like to attend to the office. Places will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. (The Strategy Seminar is already fully booked.)

The Minor as well as the Major can ultimately only be completed WITH a pass grade in Econ Psy. Excluding the Econ Psy pass from the prerequisites this semester does NOT change the prerequisites in general or in future.


22 February

Please find the exact time slots for the next KFK exam here.


20 February

Re the Economic Psychology grades: Unfortunately there has been a delay ing grading due to a Moodle issue beyond our control. We expect this issue to be resolved in the course of today, i.e. your grades to come in by the end of today at the latest - just in time to still complete your Major course registration within the registration period.


14 February

Registration for Summer Term 2018 has started. Students who experienced difficulties registering for the Strategy Seminar, this was due to a technical glitch and should become possible in the course of today.


13 February

Regarding the increased tuition fees for Non-EU citizens, please find important information here.


24 January

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the next oral exam will take place on 27 February rather than on 28 February 2018. More details can be found here.


11 January

The next oral KFK exam will take place on 28 February 2018. More details can be found here.


7 December

Students who changed from the 2006 to the 2016 curriculum (BW, IBW) need to have all exams taken in the old curriculum "recognized" so they show up in the new curriculum (where applicable). Unless this is done, your prior exams will not show up in the correct slot. Most "Umsteiger" students have already done this. Should you have any questions, please contact Studienservicecenter (SSC), as they process it via an official form/application process.


5 December

Please note that sometimes lecture venues have to be changed at relatively short notice. Kindly check u:find regularly for any updates.


24 November

In order to graduate, it is necessary that all your exams are put into the correct slots (otherwise our system does not recognize the grade as fulfilled). You can check this by printing out your statement of records.

If, when registering, you choose the wrong slot by mistake, the grade may end up in the wrong place (for instance: you took a class of our KFK, and it was registered as Managementkompetenzen, even though you completed Projektmanagement to fulfill MK). In some cases you can fix such errors yourself on u:space. If this does not work, please contact Studienservicestelle.


17 November

Please note that in Summer Term 2018 a Masterarbeitskonversatorium will be offered by our subject area. This course is relevant for all students writing their master thesis with us under the new curriculum, and will most likely be offered in a blocked format.


25 October

Please note our updated information for students interested in pursuing their Master theses with us.


5 October

The first exam for 040167 (Strategy) will take place on 31 January 2018 from 1.15-3.15pm, HS14. Please remember to register via u:space.


27 September

In most of our Minor courses (Business Strategy, Experimental Methods I, Empirical Methods I, Seminar, Strategic Decision making) we have considerable waiting lists.

You must attend the first session - irrespective of being registered or on the waiting list. If you miss the first session without having contacted us first in writing (details can be found here) you will lose your place.


19 September

Your individual time-slot for the forthcoming oral exam (KFK) will be published here ASAP.


15 September 2017

Students who want to register for courses from our Major need to have completed their Minor courses by the time of registration. The curriculum states this requirement, and you will find that you cannot register unless you fulfil allrequired prerequisites.


8 September 2017

Course registration via U:SPACE starts today.

Important: if you have any difficulties registering, please check your "Prüfungspass" on U:SPACE. In some instances, grades may have not ended up in the correct slot (indicated by a traffic light system) - this may hamper registration, as the system assumes a class has not been credited. In most cases you can change the slots yourself via U:SPACE. If this does not fix the issue, please contact SSC.


7 September 2017

Please note the NEW psychology course for either KFK or the Minor, which starts in Winter Term 2017. It has 4 ECTS and so no longer requires the handing in of a dossier.


25 August 2017

The psychology course for either the old or the new Master curricula is 040319. This course has 4 ECTS, so the dossier is no longer required.


18 August 2017

News regarding the psychology course requirement will be posted ASAP.


08 August 2017
Registration via U:Find for the next KFK oral exam is available from today. Please remember to take the form to SSC and contact the office for your individual slot on 28 September.


01 August 2017

As far as we know, the next EC 200156 Economic Psychology course will be held in Summer Term 2018 only (for KFK and Minor students).


07 July 2017

At Bachelor Level, only 040167 will be offered In Winter Term 2017/18. 0040168 will not be offered.

The next KFK oral exam will be held on Thursday, 28 September 2017, 10-12AM.


24 February 2017

A number of courses are unfortunately overbooked.

Please attend the first session in any case, even if you are on the waiting list. Remember to bring valid photo ID. Students who are registered, but do NOT attend the first session, will lose their place to a student on the waiting list (given that all prerequisites for the course have been fulfilled). You may be excused from the first session for ill health (a doctor's certificate is required) if you have informed the respective lecturer BEFORE the first session in writing.


21 February 2017

The grades for the Bachelor seminar have been released. As Professor Reitzig is on sabbatical, no regular office hours will take place before October 2017. Should you wish to receive more feedback on your grade before the fall, do send an email to the office and we will revert to you to schedule an individual appointment.

15 February 2017

As of today (until 22 February), students can enroll in courses for Summer term 2017.

Should any of your credits have been put into the wrong slot by mistake, please note that you should be able to move them yourself on u:space. This may be relevant for some students to enable enrolling in subsequent classes.


3 February 2017

Please remember when enrolling (from 15 February) that for any of the Major Courses (new curriculum 066 915), you need to have completed the Minor first. More information can be found here.


31 January 2017

Until October 2017, Professor Reitzig will be on sabbatical. He will not assume the responsibility for supervising new Master thesis candidates before his return in the fall.

In the meantime, please contact Dr Keck if you are interested in writing a Master thesis at the Strategy Subject Area.


25 January 2017

Information on the second, third and fourth exam for 040167 (Winter term 2016) will follow shortly - these exams will take place during Summer term 2017.


20 December 2016

Prof. Reitzig will be on sabbatical during Summer Term 2017. Therefore, NO Master Seminar and NO KFK oral exam will be offered. 

The next KFK oral exam is planned for October 2017 (date to be confirmed).

More information regarding the KFK oral exam can be found here.

Bachelor Studies:

Regarding Bachelor studies, in Summer Term 2017 you may take "040198 International Strategy & Organization: Advanced Topics" OR "Organization of the International Firm" instead of 040119. More details will be posted ASAP.

Neither 40119 nor 040174 will be offered in Summer Term 2017.

Previous teaching news can be found listed under general "News" items at the bottom of our main page.