FAQs on the KFK Strategic Management Final Oral Exam

The last oral exam will take place on 11 October 2018. Registration via the system is already open.

Your exact time slots will be posted here (with an abbreviated student id number).

You may already organise your "Zulassungsprotokoll" and register via u:space. Please forward a scan of the signed Zulassungsform to the office at your earliest convenience. 


What are the prerequisites for registering for the oral exam: 

You need to have successfully completed ALL courses of the KFK you are taking the exam in and have completed your registration (see below).

How do I register?

A specific form (“Zulassungsprotokoll zur abschließenden mündlichen Prüfung der KFK”) needs to be handed in to SSC (Studienservicestelle) 14 days prior to taking the exam, and needs to be brought with you to the actual exam. Once you have received your form from SSC, please contact us via e-mail for a specific time-slot on the date of the exam. Alternatively, they may be posted on this website.

Registration via UNIVIS will become available approximately one month before the actual exam date.

How often will this exam be offered?

Generally speaking, there will be at least one exam per semester, towards the beginning and/or the end of term.

Which material does the oral exam cover?

All material pertaining to our KFK courses which you attended is relevant for the exam, with a particular focus on our own subject area courses.

How long does the oral exam take and what is the format?

You should calculate approximately 15-20 minutes on a one-on-one basis with Prof. Markus Reitzig.

In the case of a higher number of exam registrations, the format may be changed to a group exam of approximately 4 students rather than an individual exam (ca. 40 mins in total).