Empirical Methods I ("Empirical Methods 1.01")

Winter and Summer Term: 040088 Master Level

Course Description:

This course is an introductory class on empirical methods and data analysis which precedes the follow-up class “Empirical Methods II”. The goal of this introductory course is for students to learn the fundamental techniques and obtain the basic skills required in empirical research. Our theoretical sessions will cover tools and stages required for running empirical projects (e.g. research design, measurement, methods of data collection) with a special focus on the pre-evaluation stage of an empirical work. Our applied sessions will introduce the students to basic programming skills, allowing them to prepare their data for analysis using statistical programming software. Students will participate by reading and presenting scientific articles in some of the highest ranked strategy journals. Knowledge gained in this course is also applied during a project where students actively develop the necessary steps for conducting their own empirical research projects.

Class objectives:

  • Overview and in-depth knowledge of the fundamental data collection methods in management research
  • Ability to assess quality of empirical research in management
  • Developing a research design for an empirical study
  • Practical experience by conducting a study on a management related issue


The course is held in English.


As part of the course grade, your class participation will be assessed every session. You will automatically fail the class if you miss more than 10% of sessions.

Course Methods:

Lectures, Discussions, Student Presentations, In-class exercises

Assignments and assessment:

Students will be assessed based on their class participation (class work, home assignments and a presentation of an empirical paper), a written exam and an empirical project (own paper and a presentation of own findings). The final project (including presentation) accounts for 35%, the exam for 35% and class participation accounts for 30% of the final grade.


Admission to Master's programme; to complete this class successfully, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business (or equivalent) is highly recommended