Bachelor Seminar and Paper

Winter Term: 040206 Bachelor Seminar (including Bachelor's paper) 

This class is NOT offered every semester.


040206 SE Bachelor Seminar (incl. Bachelor´s Paper) (2016W)

Blocked Format

The Bachelor Seminar/Paper course will not be offered by our subject area every semester)

Strategic Management

8.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS)

Continuous assessment of course work


Successful completion of 040167 VO Strategy

Required attendance of first session and of presentation sessions

Language: The course is held in English

Aims, contents and method of the course:

As part of this bachelor seminar students write and present a bachelor seminar thesis. The goal is for students to scientifically address a given topic in the field of Strategic Management and distill their insights into a concise seminar thesis. Upon reception of their individual topics, teams of students are expected screen related scientific literature, develop finer-grained research questions/specify hypotheses, (potentially gather and analyze data,) and discuss their potential findings. The topic of this semester’s seminar is going to be announced during the first session, when we will also outline some guidelines, devote time to eliciting methods and the standards for writing a scientific thesis, and share some practical tools.

Students are expected to submit an outline of their thesis until 02 November and discuss it with their supervisor.

Students will present and defend their findings on 29 and 30 November.


Grades will be calculated as follows:

20% outline

25% presentation of own research findings

10% discussion of research findings by other groups

45% final Bachelor thesis

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

At least 50% of the total points available are required for passing the course.


Class participation will be mandatory throughout the first session and presentation sessions.