Strategy Seminar

Winter Term: 040166 (Master level)

Summer Term: 040279 (Master level)

Important News:

Please note: This course is not suitable for Exchange students, since it builds on knowledge gained through various prerequisite courses at our subject area.


This seminar forms part of the MAJOR (2016 curriculum). The date of the kick-off meeting will be announced asap.

Students will prepare and present their reports on subtopics pertaining to the seminar's overarching theme in a 3 day blocked course (in June 2019, see online course directory). 

Class objectives:

  • Introduce students to the analytical concepts necessary to understand and analyze different business models in different contexts
  • Improve students' presentations skills by receiving detailed feed-back
  • Enable students to write a group/individual paper on a predetermined topic


2016 Master curriculum: Minor completed successfully

Format and teaching methods:

Group report, group presentation, individual class participation

Language: The course is held in English


Your final grade will be determined based on three components:

Class participation, group report, and presentation of your report on class

Teams of two (max three students) will work jointly on pre-assigned subjects (to be announced during the kick-off meeting). Topics will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis, and each topic will only be handed out to one team. Teams working on survey topics may receive links to selected starting literature, however, we expect that the teams’ final reports will go significantly beyond summarizing the initial references provided ; in fact, we expect teams to provide a synopsis of relevant literature in the field, potentially support their claims through expert interviews (if appropriate and feasible) and through the use of available data.

Seminar reports (30 pages, Times New Roman font, 12’’, double-spaced, excluding references and appendices) must be handed in electronically via TURNITIN until a specific date. Teams will present their research (-.ppt presentation) for 75 minutes (including Q&A) on one of the three seminar dates and will attend ALL other team presentations during the seminar.


Class participation will be mandatory throughout the three seminar days.