VO Strategy

Winter Term:    040167 (Bachelor level)

  040168 - Repetitorium

Summer Term: 040277 (Bachelor level)

  040278 - Repetitorium


The Repetitorium is NOT taught every semester.

As one of two courses we teach at BSc level it forms part of the alternative elective module "Management and Consulting" with a total of 24 ECTS.

This course introduces the elementary concepts and frameworks used in strategy analysis helping you to understand and assess the organizational environment and a firm’s internal organization impact on corporate performance. 
The course will also touch upon the basic ideas of corporate and global strategy (corporate scope, vertical integration, diversification, internationalization). 
Finally, it will revisit some of the current trends in strategy research. 

What is Strategy? 

Strategic Goals, Values, Performance Analysis 
Industry Analysis; Five Forces Framework
Competitive Analysis; Segmentation and Strategic Groups
Analyzing and Developing Internal Resources and Capabilities; Value Chains 
Strategic Planning; Organizational Design
The Industry Life Cycle; Managing Organizational Strategic Change
Managing Innovation: To Lead or to Follow?
Corporate strategy: Vertical Integration; Diversification; Corporate Management, Governance
External Growth Strategies: Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances
Globalization and Multinational Strategies
New Trends in Strategic Management
1. To introduce you to the basic concepts in strategic management and organizational theory that can be elaborated upon later in the Master level strategy classes.
2. To provide you with an introductory toolkit of frameworks and tools that can be successfully applied to analyze a firm’s strategy. 
3. To provide you with an opportunity to further develop your skills in analytical thinking and problem solving in the business arena.

The course is primarily based on the book of Grant, Robert M. (2013) Contemporary Strategy Analysis: Text and Cases, John Wiley & Sons (8th Edition).


Since this is a VO(rlesung), attendance is not mandatory.


The course is held in English.


Admission to the Bachelor’s programme

Please check with Studienservicestelle (SSC), if you have any questions regarding this course in respect to your curriculum.

Assignments and assessment:

Written closed form individual Final Exam (100%) at the end of the course. You need to achieve at least 51 points for a pass grade.
Note: additional registration for the exam is needed (via UNIVISonline). Details will be explained during the lecture.


In Summer Term 2017, you may take "040198 International Strategy & Organization: Advanced Topics" OR "Organization of the International Firm" instead of 040119. More details will be posted ASAP.

Neither 40119 nor 040174 will be offered in Summer Term 2017.