Applying for Master thesis supervision

When you apply for Master thesis supervision, please inform yourself on current topics available on our website. Topics will be announced twice a year (usually around 1 November and 1 May). The list details the topic, the responsible supervisor (Prof. Keck, Prof. Koschat, or Prof. Reitzig) and selected assistants, a general description, and, importantly, the requirements a candidate needs to bring to investigate the subject.
You can apply whenever you wish to, however, the closer you apply after the above deadlines, the higher the likelihood that your preferred topic has not yet been allocated to another candidate.
Proposals for practice track theses involving a corporate partner can be suggested at any time during the year.

When you apply you should send us
1) your cv
2) a motivation/al letter, and
3) your topics, comprising at least two, preferably three topics in order of preference

As regards 3, we suggest that your prior training matches the requirements for a particular topic as set forth on our list of thesis topics.