Formal requirements

Please note these general rules:

Once your supervisor has accepted you, you have to formalise the supervision by following specific steps: More information can be found here (in German) and here (in English).

Master theses must not (!) exceed 75 pages (double-spaced, Times New Roman font) including Abstract, References, Tables, and Figures, excluding Appendices. Appendices may contain supplementary material only, so that the thesis can be read and judged without perusing them.

As to the font, please apply Times New Roman, 11 point, double-spaced.


Candidates who are admitted to write their Master thesis under our supervision explicitly consent to the following conditions for supervision:

- The Masterarbeitskonservatorium (2 ECTS) may not be offered every semester. Candidates will be therefore required to present their work on an ad-hoc basis (dates to be agreed upon before).

- These topics are offered by this subject area only.

- Candidates obey our guidelines of scientific conduct. In particular, and in order to avoid any misconduct with regards to plagiarism, candidates agree to familiarize themselves with current university regulations pertaining to the detection, suppression, and prosecution of the latter.

- Theses are written in English.

- Candidates follow the following formatting guidelines when handing in their theses.

- Candidates will obey the most recent procedural guidelines pertaining to the submission of scientific theses at the University of Vienna, Department of Business Administration.

- Candidates take notice of the latest regulation pertaining to the non-disclosure of Master theses.