News 2020

December 04

As part of "Micro-Structural Analysis of Organizations", an asynchronous online course for researchers based on the book "The Microstructure of Organizations", Prof. Phanish Puranam (INSEAD) reached out to Prof. Reitzig for an interview. The discussion complements the contents of Session 5, which focuses on the topic of "Authority & Hierarchy" and deals with recent research and the effects of recent general developments (i.e. the pandemic) on organizational structures. You can watch the relevant videos on Youtube here and here


December 04

We are happy and proud to announce that Christian Schumacher, former research associate and PhD student at the Strategy Subject Area, has received an offer for a tenure track assistant professor position at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. Christian, a former student of Professor Reitzig and co-author of Professor Keck, will assume his new position in October 2021 - having spent the last two years as a Postdoc at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. We wish him the very best and congratulate him on this excellent achievement!


November 06

The article “Adaptation or Persistence? Emergence and Revision of Organization Designs in New Ventures”, co-authored by Oliver Alexy (TU Munich), Katharina Pötz (Austrian Parliamentary Services), Phanish Puranam (INSEAD), and Markus Reitzig (Vienna) has been accepted for publication in Organization Science. The paper presents qualitative data from a longitudinal multi-case study of eight young ventures and two mini ethnographies, shedding light on the question of how organization designs evolve between adaptation to changing conditions and the pressures towards persistence of the designs adopted at founding. The authors find that in these ventures organization design solutions changed frequently, triggered by various internal and external developments, although the changes were typically incremental and myopic. However, the more abstract principles of design, captured in the founders’ logics of organizing, were less amenable to change. This explains why observations of imprinting effects in logics of organizing are consistent with observations of dynamic change to organization designs. The article empirically complements earlier theoretical work by Puranam, Alexy, and Reitzig published in the Academy of Management Review (2014).


November 03

We are glad to be able to share some good news with you and congratulate our friend and colleague Inna Smirnova on the very successful completion of her defence today, and with this of her doctorate studies in Management. 


October 06

As we have let you know some time back, Prof. Reitzig took part in the TEDxVienna Salon, talking about the Future of Work. After the talk the TEDxVienna team also met with Prof. Reitzig for a short interview, which you can read here.


September 22

If you think about the company of the future, what do you see? How does the development of Artificial Intelligence influence this picture, and do you think traditional hierarchies will remain an organisational fixture?

These are the kind of questions Prof. Reitzig talked about at the TEDxVienna Salon last Sunday (20 September), considering recent developments and the results of years of research. 

While you can never talk in absolutes, when talking about the future, one thing is certain: "The future of work will be colorful"

(Pictures (c) TEDxVienna)

September 11

The joint Viennese University Seminar Series on “Strategic Management and Organizational Studies”, which is organised in cooperation with the Institute of Strategy, Technology, and Organization at WU Vienna, will be back starting next year. 

After taking a break in 2020, we will welcome our first upcoming speaker, Assoc.-Prof. Martin Ganco from the Wisconsin Business School, on January 21 2021. Towards the end of the summer term, on June 10 2021, you will have the opportunity to listen to Assoc.-Prof. Christina Fang from the NYU Stern.

In light of the still on-going pandemic, we will present these upcoming talks in an online setting. 


September 03

The TED talks have by now become both well-known and well-established in their mission to make knowledge on a wide variety of topics accessible. 

The TEDxViennaSalon is this year's solution to keep things moving forward despite circumstantial difficulties surrounding the events during times of Corona. A bit smaller in scale, a bit heavier on the digital side of things, but as interesting as always.

Prof. Markus Reitzig will take part in the second day of TEDxViennaSalon: Adventures Within, which is focused on the topic of work, and give a talk on "The Future of Work - or the Power of Decentralized Organizations" on September 20, 2020 at the "Technische Museum Vienna". 

Get tickets and more information here.


June 10

We are overjoyed to be able to congratulate Steffen Keck for moving forward a big step in his academic career: He has achieved tenure and is now an Associate Professor at the Subject Area of Strategic Management!

After attaining his Phd in Management (Decision Sciences) at the INSEAD Fontainebleau in 2012, Steffen Keck spent 2 years at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh / USA as Postdoctoral Fellow, before joining our team in Vienna in 2014. 

Since then he has been an integral part of the Subject Area for Strategic Management, and a valued colleague. Steffen Keck has done excellent work in both teaching and research on strategic decision-making, and many of his works have been published in some of the best recognized journals, such as the Strategic Management Journal, Psychological Science and Management Science.

So once again we would like to say: Congratulations on this well-earned achievement, Assoc.-Prof. Keck!


May 05

May brought a number of changes to our team - two times to say "Welcome!" and one to say "Good-bye!"

To start with fantastic news: Welcome to Felix Meissner, who, just after finishing his PhD at the University of Zurich, was immediately ready to become part of our team as postdoctoral fellow. We are looking forward to his contributions to our team, and academia in general, in the coming years!  

With the end of April we had to say good-bye to Mario Gwisdorf, one of our student assistants, who got offered a fantastic full-time position at another institution. We are grateful for the many months he spent supporting our team, and wish him nothing but the best for the future in all aspects of his life. 

The beginning of May thus also brought Lenz Söder as a new student assistant to our team. We're happy to have Mr Söder on board, and are glad that we can rely on him and Ms Schivo as our current team of student assistants from now on. 


April 16

In addition to the papers accepted for conferences mentioned earlier this month, we are also happy to let you know about two forthcoming papers, which have been accepted for publication: 

Keck, S., “Elaborating or aggregating? The joint effects of group decision-making structure and systematic errors on the value of group interactions” Management Science, 2020, Forthcoming  (with Tang, W.).

Keck, S., “Enhancing the wisdom of the crowd with cognitive process diversity: The benefits of aggregating intuitive and analytical judgments” Psychological Science, 2020, Forthcoming (with Tang, W.).

Keep an eye out for their publication! 


April 03

We are glad to announce that two of our recent papers have been accepted for oral presentations at the Academy of Management's annual conference, this year set to happen in Vancouver in August. 

The respective works are:

Richter, V.Janjic, R., Keck, S., Klapper, H. and  Reitzig, M., "Authority and Search in Organizations".

Smirnova, I.Reitzig, M. and Mitsuhashi, H., "On the Division of Labor in Open Innovation Teams: An Empirical Analysis". 



March 12

As has been published on the university's website ( no course sessions will take place at the university's various buildings until April 03. We are currently trying to book alternative sessions for affected courses, or organize for e-learning were possible. We advise you to check the university's website and your e-mails regularly for updates, and encourage you to follow recommendations to stay safe and healthy.


February 13

Starting this semester, we are offering an additional methodological track, as our methods courses are always heavily booked. An additional Experimental Methods I course has been added, which can be found in the course registry/u:find. We hope that this will somewhat alleviate the pressures of the long waiting list.

These two tracks for Experimental Methods will each focus on a different topic, which is mentioned in the title and elaborated on in the course description. 

Starting next semester, we will also offer advanced courses for both of these. Therefore please note: We very much encourage picking one of the two tracks and sticking to it for the second course as well. The knowledge of the contents gained in the first course will be essential for the successful completion of the second courses, so we do not recommend mixing them.


January 07

Some things may be left in the old year, but other issues remain pertinent, such as the question of how digitalisation continues to impact the labour market. You can read more about this in the article "Kollege Computer", published on 21 Dec 2019 in "Der Spiegel", where Prof. Reitzig and Markus Dettmer consider recent developments. The article is available here (only in German). 


January 01

As one year ends, another one begins - so all of us from the Subject Area Strategic Management would like to wish you a "Happy New Year" and much success in the new decade!