News 2013

29 November 2013

On 29 November, Markus Reitzig gave his inaugural lecture entitled "Why and How Organizations Differ in Behaviour and Performance" in the festival hall at the University of Vienna. You can stream a recordning of Markus Reitzig's lecture online (from 18'50" until 53'50"). Further information on the event, including an interview with UniView (in German) and the official invitation to the event, are to be found here.


23 October 2013

We seek to enlarge our team by hiring a database programmer (temporarily for two years, half time). Please see our "Jobs" section for details. 


16 October 2013

We seek to enlarge our team by hiring a junior faculty colleague (tenure track). Please see our "Jobs" section for details. 


23 September 2013

Karoline Eadie has joined the Strategy Subject Area as of 23 September 2013 as organizational assistant, running the office of the group. A very warm welcome!


15 August 2013

Christian Schumacher has joined the Strategy Subject Area as of 15 August 2013. He joins us from the University of Innsbruck, where he received his master degrees in both economics and business studies. A very warm welcome!


28 June 2013

At its last meeting, the General Council of the Austrian National Bank agreed to award a research grant to Markus Reitzig for joint work with Ramon Lecuona Torras (London Business School) and Juan Alcazer (Harvard Business School), investigating the role of firms' multiple scope decisions in high-technology systemic industries. More details can be found here.


24 June 2013

On 22 and 23 June, the Strategy Subject Area hosted the inaugural "Vienna Conference on Strategy, Organizational Design, and Innovation". A select group of 30 participants from all over the world came to present latest research and exchange ideas in our field for two days. We thank everyone who came for making this such a memorable event! Please click here for picture impressions of the conference. The next encounter will take place in the summer of 2015. We look forward to seeing you again then.


21 June 2013

Makus Reitzig has been appointed to the Editorial Board of the Strategic Management Journal, one of the leading outlets for research in our field.


05 June 2013

Yet another article has been accepted for publication:

“What's 'New' about New Forms of Organizing?”, co-authored with Phanish Puranam (Insead) and Oliver Alexy (Munich), will be forthcoming in the Academy of Management Review.


29 April 2013

Upon interest, listen to an ORF1 (Austrian Radio 1) broadcast featuring, among others, Markus Reitzig on open innovation (in German).


25 April 2013

Another article has recently been accepted for publication:

“Knowledge worth having in 'Excess': the Value of Tacit and Firm-specific Human Resource Slack”, co-authored with Ramon Lecuona Torras (London), will be forthcoming in the Strategic Management Journal.


24 April 2013

Markus Reitzig will give an invited plenary speech in "Innovation 2.0: patents or free knowledge?" organized jointly by The Austrian academy of Sciences (OeAW) and Austrian Radio (ORF Oe1). For more information, please check out


11 April 2013

The article "How much to Integrate? Firms' Profit-Maximizing R&D Allocations in Emerging Standard Settings", co-authored by Tobias Kretschmer (Munich) and Markus Reitzig, has been accepted for publication in the Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management Meeting 2013.


8 January 2013

Two articles have recently been accepted for publication:

“Firms' Counterintuitive Appropriation Strategies - Private-Collective Innovation and ”, co-authored by Oliver Alexy (Munich) and Markus Reitzig, will be forthcoming in Research Policy.

“Biases in the Selection Stage of Bottom-up Strategy Formulation”, co-authored by Olav Sorenson (Yale) and Markus Reitzig, has been accepted for publication in the Strategic Management Journal.