News 2014

15 December 2014

We are proud to announce our forthcoming Seminar series on Strategy and Organizational Studies in cooperation with WU Vienna, which will be starting from March 2015. Further information can be found here.


10 December 2014

Katharina Anna Pötz will join the Strategy Subject Area as of 01 March 2015 as postdoctoral researcher working on the FWF-sponsored project on "Organizational Design". A very warm welcome!


01 October 2014

Inna Smirnova has joined the Strategy Subject Area as of 1 October 2014 as PhD student from the University of Helsinki, where she received her Master degree in computer science. A very warm welcome!


19 August 2014

Another article has been accepted for publication:

“Corporate Hierarchy and Vertical Information Flow within the Firm - a
Behavioral View”, co-authored with Boris Maciejovsky (UC Riverside), will
be forthcoming in the Strategic Management Journal.


01 August 2014

Steffen Keck has joined the Strategy Subject Area as of 1 August 2014 as Assistant Professor. A very warm welcome!


13 June 2014

Markus Reitzig has been appointed to the Editorial Board of Organization Science, one of the leading outlets for research in our field. The appointment follows Professor Reitzig's earlier appointment to the Editorial Board of the Strategic Management Journal in 2013. The Strategy Subject Area at the University of Vienna is now one of only two research groups in the German-speaking world that is represented on the Editorial Boards of the two most influential journals in our area.


02 May 2014

Menaka Sattmann has joined the Strategy Subject Area as of 2 May 2014 as technical staff, running the database compilation of the OeNB-sponsored project on "Multiple scope decisions in high-technology systemic industries". A very warm welcome!


14 April 2014

On 13 April, "Team Strategy" participated in the 2014 Vienna City Marathon, securing a respectable 100th rank among over 3,000 teams overall (as well as rank 61 in the class of male relay teams, and coming in 1st of all of University of Vienna teams) by finishing the race in under 3hrs and 13mins

The runners in order of appearance:

1. Julien Loewer - our response to the Ethiopian challenge (16,1 kms)

2. Markus Reitzig - Fat Boy Slim (5,7 kms)

3. Christian Schumacher - from Austria with love (9,1 kms)

4. Helge-Forrest Klapper-Gump (11,3 kms)

Individual speed being expectedly proportional to 1/(mass*age)!


10 April 2014

We are currently looking to fill the positions of a Post-Doc researcher (3 years non-tenure track), a PhD student (4 years), and of a database programmer (2 years half-time). Please see our Jobs sites for further details.


29 March 2014

The Strategic Management Subject Area warmly congratulates J. Ramon Lecuona Torras, Markus Reitzig's last PhD student at London Business School (UK), to his great achievement of having been been offered a position as a tenure-track assistant professor of strategy at Duke University (US)! Ramon will commence his new job in August 2014. We wish him the very best of success, and we look forward to his continued visits to Vienna as a collaborator on the OeNB-sponsored three year research project on "Firms’ Scope Decisions in High‐Technology System Industries.


18 March 2014 

A paper symposium on "Organizational Decision-Making", a central research topic of our group, was accepted for inclusion into this year's scholarly program of the Academy of Management annual meeting in Philadelphia. Presenters include Boris Maciejovsky, Phanish Puranam, Thorbjoern Knudsen, Michael Christensen, Nils Stieglitz, Reddi Kotha, and Jay Narayanan. Felipe Csaszar and Rich Bettis will be the discussants. From Vienna, Helge Klapper and Markus Reitzig will join as presenters and organizer, respectively.


13 March 2014 

At its last meeting, the Austrian National Science Foundation (FWF) agreed to award a research grant to Markus Reitzig for joint work with Phanish Puranam (INSEAD) and Oliver Alexy (Technical University of Munich) for studies into the organizational design of novel organizational forms. Funding will be provided for 36 months. The envisaged research project builds on the co-authors' former joint work that will appear in the Academy of Management Review in April 2014. More details can be found here.


06 March 2014

The Strategic Management Subject Area is happy to announce that Steffen Keck will join the team as a new assistant professor starting this summer. Dr. Keck obtained his PhD from INSEAD Business School (France) in 2012, after having completed his Master’s in Operations Research at the London School of Economics and Political Science (UK). He joins us from Carnegie Mellon University (US), where he currently works as a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Social and Decision Sciences. Steffen’s works have appeared in or are in press with Production and Operations Management, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, and the Journal of Economics and Organizational Behaviour. Dr. Keck’s expertise in behavioural decision-making will strengthen the group’s ongoing endeavours in the field of behavioural strategy and organizational design. More information about Steffen can be found here.


23 January 2014

Several researchers of the Strategic Subject Management Area will present latest findings on heuristic decision-making in strategy at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzip/Germany as part of the conference on "Decision-Making in a World of Incomplete and Evolving Knowledge". Further information can be found.