April 07

As announced in the last news post, we can now provide with a way to watch the talk Prof. Reitzig and Florian Bernschneider (AGV Braunschweig) had on March 31st. So if you are interested in topics such as (changing to) flat organisational structures, click here to find the video. 


March 18

Over the last years, calls for changes to traditional organisational structures have become quite ubiquitous. A flat, team-based structure is often touted as the new recipe to success - but how exactly does a flat organisational structure look like, when can it be implemented successfully, and who might reasonably profit from it? Managers? Regular employees?

These are just some of the questions Professor Reitzig and Florian Bernschneider (AGV Braunschweig) will talk about on March 31st. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested to see, check back in April - we will provide you with a link to the recorded event. 


March 01

With the start of a new semester, we would also like to welcome Paul Kofler, who has joined our team as student assistant!