News 2023


20 Oktober

If you are still looking for something to listen to on your way home from work today, you might find the new brand eins Podcast episode, "Unternehmensführung: Studien statt Bauchgefühle", interesting! 

In an interview with Christian Bollert from, Prof. Reitzig talks about keeping things short, precise, and understandable when it comes to presenting current scientific studies to practicioners in the management sector, and about his own podcast "Neues aus der Managementforschung in 220 Sekunden".

He also touches upon the value of management research for the management work sphere, issues of restructuring, as well as the necessary role of science journalism as a bridge between research and the interested public. 

You can find the relevant episode of the brand eins podcast here or here.

Please note that it is only in German, however.


29 September

The Institute for Accounting, Innovation, and Strategy is happy and feels privileged to announce that Professor Boris Maciejovsky, of the University of California at Riverside, will join as us a guest professor in the winter.

Boris received his PhD in psychology from the University of Vienna in 2000, prior to obtaining his second PhD in marketing from the renown Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2009. Since then Professor Maciejovsky held academic appointments at the Humboldt-University of Berlin (2001), the Max Planck Institute of Economics (2001-2004), the London School of Economics (2007-2008), and the Imperial College London (2008-2013). He eventually joined his current institution in 2013, where he received tenure in 2020.

Prof. Maciejovsky will teach the PhD class "Readings on Organisational and Behavioural Decision-Making" in the WS 2023/24 at our faculty, with classes starting approximately around December 04, and blocked sessions taking place from December to January.  PhD students interested in taking his class should be aware that there will be a separate registration phase closer to the course date. We will update you on the exact date of the registration phase in the near future.


28 September

On 26 September 2023 a number of researchers from the universities of Vienna, Linz and Innsbruck came together in Innsbruck to discuss issues regarding decentralized open forms of organizing.

The workshop on Decentralized Open Forms of Organizing was organised by Andreas Eckhardt (University of Innsbruck) and Waldemar Kremser, and allowed both PhD-students and more senior researchers to consider current developments around this research subject. It brought together insights from a variety of fields, such as computer science, strategy research and organizational research.

Prof. Reitzig spoke at length about "Implications and Open Questions for the Research on Modern
Organization", while Kathrin Heiss, PhD student at the Strategic Management subject area, used this opportunity to share some of her recent thesis work.


11 September

After striking out on his own with the first episodes of the podcast, we are happy to report that Prof. Reitzig's "Neues aus der Spitzenforschung in 220 Sekunden" has garnered the interest of brand eins. From September 2023 onwards you will therefore be able to encounter "Neues aus der Managementforschung in 220 Sekunden" as part of the brand eins network, being one of ten podcasts featured.

To German-speaking individuals with an interest in developments in the field of economics, brand eins will likely be a familiar name - the brand eins magazine is one of the most popular names when it comes to high quality economic journalism. 

After a slightly relaxed upload-schedule over the summer, we are now back to our regular bi-monthly uploads on the 1st and 15th of each month. Catch the upcoming episode on September 15 on Spotify.


10 August 

We are currently looking for a PhD student to join us from November 1, 2023 onwards! If you have recently finished, or are very close to finishing your master studies, you might be considering a career in academia - if your research interests lie in the field of strategic management and organizational design, you have a strong quantitive background and would like to become part of a young and international team, we want to draw your attention to our recent PhD job call


23 June

Following a proliferation of decentralized forms of organizing (e.g. in the form of platform ecosystems, or decentralized autonomous organizations,...), Ying-Ying Hsieh (Imperial College London), Mike Lee (INSEAD), Phanish Puranam (INSEAD) and PK Toh (UT Austin) organized the first Decentralization in Organizations (DiO) conference this year, in 2023.

The conference took place in London, at the Imperial College London, from 21-22 June 2023, and brought together an international group of academics. Among the speakers were Oliver Alexy (TUM), Carliss Baldwin (HBS), Tobias Kretschmer (LMU), Saerom Lee (Wharton), Melissa Schilling (NYU) and many more.

During the course of the conference Prof. Reitzig took to the stage for a panel discussion together with Deepak Somaya and PK Toh on June 22, discussing the issue of "Strategizing in Decentralized Organizations".


15 June

This year's iteration of the annual Strategy Science conference, hosted by the Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization (ISTO) at Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU), took place in Munich from June 6-7, 2023.

The two-day event, which was preceded by a doctoral workshop, welcomed the international academic community with a programme geared towards fostering a disussion of the links between AI, digitalization and and firm strategy.

Prof. Reitzig joined the event as part of a panel on June 6, moderated by Prof. Tobias Kretschmer, on the topic of "Management Schools in Europe", dicussing their differences with Annamaria Conti (IE University), Juan Santalo (IE University), Nils Stieglitz (Frankfurt School) and Sheryl Winstons Smith (BI Business Schools).


01 February

We are happy to announce that the concerted effort of a large part of our team at the Strategic Management subject area have resulted in the paper “Managing Exploration in Organizations: The Effect of Superior Monitoring on Subordinate Search Behaviour” being accepted for publication in the Strategic Management Journal.

Employees will find themselves looking for solutions to corporate problems, when and where they occur. Valentina Richter, Robert Janjic, Prof. Keck and Prof. Reitzig, together with Ass.-Prof. Klapper (Purdue University) look into how managers can and should steer their subordinates’ search process. They show how employees can be encouraged to explore distant and complex solution spaces rather than settling for a “safe” option by appraising their efforts regularly, and how more distant search may be considered by employees as a way to display a high level of industriousness.

If this topic has caught your interest, keep an eye out for the full article in an upcoming issue of the Strategic Management Journal!