News 2023


01 February

We are happy to announce that the concerted effort of a large part of our team at the Strategic Management subject area have resulted in the paper “Managing Exploration in Organizations: The Effect of Superior Monitoring on Subordinate Search Behaviour” being accepted for publication in the Strategic Management Journal.

Employees will find themselves looking for solutions to corporate problems, when and where they occur. Valentina Richter, Robert Janjic, Prof. Keck and Prof. Reitzig, together with Ass.-Prof. Klapper (Purdue University) look into how managers can and should steer their subordinates’ search process. They show how employees can be encouraged to explore distant and complex solution spaces rather than settling for a “safe” option by appraising their efforts regularly, and how more distant search may be considered by employees as a way to display a high level of industriousness.

If this topic has caught your interest, keep an eye out for the full article in an upcoming issue of the Strategic Management Journal!