Updated PROGRAM 2015

The Vienna Conference on Strategy, Organizational Design, and Innovation

19 June 2015


Early bird evening out at a local “Heuriger” (Traditional winegarden) in the vineyards at the outskirts of town.

Joint meeting point for collective transport at the entrance of Hotel Regina at 18:30 (we will organize transportation from there).

“Late early birds” should please come directly to: Heuriger Schübl-Auer, Kahlenberger Straße 22, 1190 Vienna.


20 June 2015

11.30 – 12.00

Registration at Senatssaal (“senate hall“), University of Vienna, Universitätsring 1 (pls enter the main building and follow the signs for the conference)


12.00 – 12.15



12.15 – 13.00

Keynote speech by Adam Brandenburger"Formal work in strategy and organizational design"


13.00 – 13.20

Coffee break


13.20 – 15.30

Paper session 1 (4 x 25 mins/paper plus 20 mins total discussion, with a brief break in between)

Session chair: Adam Brandenburger

1/1 Stephan Billinger, Thorbjørn Knudsen, Kannan Srikanth - Don't Worry, Be Happy: The Influence of Group Compromising Processes on Performance in Search Tasks

1/2 Helge Klapper, Boris Maciejovsky, Phanish Puranam, Markus Reitzig - Strategic information sharing in decision-making hierarchies: The missing role of Decision Climate

1/3 Vikas A. Aggarwal, Hart E. Posen, Maciej Workiewicz - Adaptive Capacity and the Dynamics of Operational Capabilities

1/4 Arkadiy V. Sakhartov - Stock Market Undervaluation of Resource Redeployability

15.30 – 15.50

Coffee break


15.50 – 18.00

Paper session 2 (4 x 25 mins/paper plus 20 mins total discussion, with a brief break in between)

Session chair: Markus Reitzig

2/1 Sendil Ethiraj, Victoria Sevcenko - Do mutual fund managers fully appropriate the returns from their skill?

2/2 Daniel (Dongil) Keum, Kelly E. See - The Influence of Hierarchy on Idea Generation and Selection in the Innovation Process

2/3 Simge Tuna, Stefano Brusoni, Anja Schulze - Architectural Knowledge Generation: Evidence from a Field Study

2/4 Kathryn Rudie Harrigan, Maria Chiara Di Guardo, Elona Marku - Quantity at Expense of Quality? Measuring the Effects of Technological M&A on Innovation and Firm Performance


Drinks reception at the town hall, Restaurant Wiener Rathauskeller,

Rathausplatz 1, 1010 Vienna.


Dinner at the same location. Dress code: Semi-formal *).

*) For gents: shirt and blazer (no tie/black tie/smoking). For ladies: dress (no gala dress).


21 June 2015

09.00 – 09.45

Keynote speech by Zur Shapira"Organizational design - current & future issues"


09.45 – 10.00

Coffee break


10.00 – 12.15

Paper session 3 (4 x 25 mins/paper plus 20 mins total discussion, with a brief break in between)

Session chair: Zur Shapira

3/1 Oliver Baumann, Markus C. Becker, Isabel Dörfler - A Tradeoff in Interfirm Organization Design: Coordination vs. Cooperation in the Airbus A350 Program

3/2 David Clough, Henning Piezunka, Philipp Reineke - Does Joint Component Usage Catalyze or Inhibit Learning? Evidence from Formula 1

3/3 Jenny Gibb, Stephan Billinger - When should managers set subordinate goals? Investigating managerial goal setting discretion

3/4 Stephan Billinger, Tobias Kretschmer, Terry Schumacher, Nils Stieglitz - Searching in Team: An Experimental Study of Aggregation and Incentives


12.15 – 13.30

Lunch break in the Arkadenhof


13.30 – 15.45

Paper session 4 (4 x 25 mins/paper plus 20 mins discussion, with a brief break in between)

Session chair: Mike Lenox

4/1 Brice Dattee, Erkko Autio, Oliver Alexy - Playing the Ecosystem Game: Rethinking Control and the Temporality of Value

4/2 Juan Alcacer, Ramon Lecuona Torras, Joanne Oxley - Offshore Outsourcing and Buyer-Supplier Matching in the Mobile Phone Industry

4/3 Razvan Lungeanu, Ithai Stern, Edward Zajac - When Do Firms Change Technology-sourcing Vehicles? The Role of Poor Innovative Performance and Financial Slack

4/4 Natalya Vinokurova - Negotiating Market Boundaries: Fitting new products into existing categories


15.45 – 16.00

Coffee break


16.00 – 16.45

Keynote speech by Mike Lenox: "Innovation and technology in strategy research"


16.45 – 17.00

Wrap up