Seminars prior to 2015

The seminar series on starts in the spring of 2014. Unless noted otherwise, seminars take place on Tuesdays, from 12.15pm to 1.45pm, in a previously designated room during the lecture periods. The series is open to all faculty and PhD students at the University. We also welcome faculty members from other universities to join us! Coffee and refreshments are being served.

During the current recruiting season we deviate from our regular schedule. Below, please find the times and details of job talk presentations in January 2014.

For planning purposes, kindly send us an email confirming your attendance before the seminar. Thank you!

Name of SpeakerTitleDate and timeLecture theater
Anisa Shyti (HEC Paris)Overconfidence and Entrepreneurial Choice under Ambiguity: Evidence from the Lab2013/01/29, 10am-11.30amFaculty lounge
Matej Drev (Carnegie Mellon University)Who's Your Daddy - Foreign Investor Origin, Multi-Product Firms, and the Benefit of Foreign Investment2013/01/29, 12pm-1.30pmFaculty lounge
Dirk Martignoni (Zürich University)Rubik's Dilemma: Partial Knowledge and the Efficacy of Learning2013/01/29, 2pm-3.30pmFaculty lounge
Birgul Arslan (HEC Paris)Who Gets the Lion's Share? The Distribution of Alliance Benefits between Alliance Partners2013/01/30, 10am-11.30amFaculty lounge
Elena Vidal (Duke University)Adding by Subtracting: The Impact of Performance Feedback on Resource Reconfiguration through Divestitures2013/01/30, 2pm-3.30pmFaculty lounge
Srikanth Kannan (ISB), Anand NandkumarPatently different? How does the strength of patents influences the nature of multinational R&D2013/05/14, time to be disclosedOur premises
Hyun Ju Jung (Georgia Tech)Do Knowledge Flows Trigger Interfirm Cooperation? Evidence from the Enterprise Software Industry2014/01/16, 10am-11.30am4.313 (4th floor, OMP1)
Rodrigo Belo (CMU)Spillover Effects of Wiring Schools with Broadband: the Critical Role of Children2014/01/16, 2pm-3.30pm4.313 (4th floor, OMP1)
Steffen Keck (CMU)Because we deserve it: The influence of self-serving performance attributions on corporate misconduct2014/01/20, 10am-11.30am4.313 (4th floor, OMP1)
Christobal Cheyre (CMU)What do you want from me? How recent entrants in the semiconductor industry learn from their first employees2014/01/20, 2pm-3.30pm4.313 (4th floor, OMP1)