Management of Innovation and IP

Both scholars of and practitioners working in high-tech industries have long grappled with a series of questions that are of theoretical and empirical interest. Among these: how can (portfolios of) patents be evaluated strategically and financially? In which mechanistic ways are codified intangible assets tied to a firm’s competitive advantage? Some of our older papers deal with precisely these issues.

Published Papers

“How Executives can Enhance IP Strategy and Performance?”

This paper, published in the Fall Issue of 2007 Sloan Management Review, examines the optimal level of engagement by top-level management (C level) in IPR-related strategizing. It delineates the role the management committee and the board play in making firms successful players.

“Strategic Management of Intellectual Property”

This paper, published in Sloan Management Review (2004), is the first to establish a clear understanding of the options intellectual property rights offer when shaping business strategy.

“Improving Patent Valuation Methods for Management”

This paper, published in Research Policy (2004), validates a new set of bibliographic and full-text indicators to be used for patent portfolio valuations.

"What Determines Patent Value?"

This article, published in Research Policy (2003), examines empirically which characteristics drive a patent's financial value.