Selected publications (academic and practitioner)

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  • "Adaptation or Persistence? Emergence and Revision of Organization Designs in New Ventures," Organization Science, 32/6 2021, 1439-1472 (with Alexy, O., Pötz, K., Puranam, P.).
  • "On the Effects of Authority on Peer Motivation: Learning from Wikipedia," Strategic Management Journal, 39/8 2018, 2178-2203 (with Klapper, H.).
  • "Surrendering Control to Gain Advantage: Reconciling Openness and the Resource-based View of the Firm," Strategic Management Journal, 39/6 2018, 1704-1727 (with Alexy, O., West, J., Klapper, H.).
  • “Corporate Hierarchy and Vertical Information Flow within the Firm - a Behavioral View,” Strategic Management Journal, 36/13 2015, 1979–1999 (with Maciejovsky, B.).
  • “What's 'New' about New Forms of Organizing?,” Academy of Management Review, 39/2 2014, 162-180 (with Puranam, P. and Alexy, O.).
  • “Knowledge worth having in 'Excess': The Value of Tacit and Firm-specific Human Resource Slack,” Strategic Management Journal, 35/7 2014, 954-973 (with Lecuona Torras, R.).
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  • “Big Picture – Patent Sharks, ” Harvard Business Review, June 2008, 129-133 (with Henkel, J.).
  • “Strategic Management of Intellectual Property,” Sloan Management Review, Spring 2004, 35-40.

You can download the complete CV (incl. an updated list of publications) as a -.pdf here.