Specific rules apply to Module 5 in Summer Term 2016 - please check here:

KFK Preliminaries/ Requirements

Updated Version February 2017

  1. All our KFK classes are part of a Master’s degree course ("old curricula"), for which you need to have completed admission by the time you start the KFK.
  2. Formally exempt from this requirement are Erasmus Exchange students. Do note, however, that without fulfilling the substantial requirements (e.g. proficiency in English, commanding over relevant prior knowledge), it will be difficult for Erasmus Exchange students to participate successfully in our classes.
  3. Important: please note you can satisfy the required part of your Master’s degree program “Managementkompetenzen (MK)” by either following “Projektmanagement” or “Strategic Management” in two separate subject areas.
  4. Since every class can only be credited once, you must choose whether you would like to have your classes credited as EITHER “Managementkompetenzen” OR our as part of our KFK “Strategic Management”. In other words, if you elect to enroll in our KFK, for “MK” you need to choose “Projektmanagement” (see 3.). The only exception to this rule applies to students who have completed ALL four methods courses. In this case, 2 methods courses (I and II) each are used for the KFK, and 2 (I and II) courses for MK.
  5. Please note that NOT all classes are offered each semester and that certain classes may only be taken conditional on having passed prerequisite courses before. For a better understanding of how you could schedule your lectures with us to meet all constraints, please take a look at a possible cycle further down, and please read paragraphs 6 - 11 of this document closely.
  6. Modules 1 and 5 can be studied without any particular prerequisites. Module 2 requires the successful completion of both courses of Module 1, i.e. can only be taken from your 2nd semester of KFK studies. With regards to Module 3, please note that Methods I (either experimental or empirical) needs to be successfully completed before Methods II (either experimental or empirical) can be taken, i.e. it is not possible to do both Methods classes I and II in the same semester. Please also note that you must stick to one method track to complete Module 3 and cannot mix them.
  7. In Module 4, the Psychology and Law courses may be studied without any particular prerequisites. If you opt for the Psychology Section, you must pass the exam set at the Department of Psychology and hand in a brief (1-2 A4 pages) course dossier in either English or the language of instruction to us, giving an overview of what you have gained from this class relevant to your Master’s degree. This dossier needs to receive a ‘pass’ grade. Dossiers are administered exclusively by our subject area. If you have any questions about the dossier, please contact our office assistant. If you opt for the Law path, choose 2 out of 3 law courses to complete 4 ECTS in total. The law courses build on knowledge gained during your BSc degree at this university. External MSc students, please contact the Studienservicecenter (SSC)  whether you need to fulfil any further requirements regarding law courses. 
  8. The Strategy Seminar in Module 4 can only be taken once Core Module 1 (8 ECTS) and Methods 1 (4 ECTS of Module 3) have been completed successfully. 
  9. Module 1 is mandatory in its content, i.e. both courses have to be completed.
  10. Advanced courses (electives) can be found within Module 2, 3, 4 and 5. 
    • Within Module 2, there are two electives (“Strategic Innovation” and “International Strategy”) that build on “Business Strategy”.
    • Within Module 3, you can either follow the Empirical or the Experimental Methods path.
    • Within Module 4, in addition to the mandatory Seminar, you can choose either Psychology or Law – a total of 4 ECTS.
    • Within Module 5, you can either choose 2 classes of 4 ECTS or 1 class of 8 ECTS (as listed).

    At the end of your core subject combination, a final oral exam (“KFK Prüfung”) needs to be taken, see here.

  11. Fluency in English is strongly recommended for all KFK Strategic Management classes in English, as research projects and essential literature require comprehensive language skills.
  12. Please note that some classes (Modules 4 and 5) are held in German – a sound knowledge of German is also necessary.
  13. Students who have already completed (parts of) “Managementkompetenzen” and decide they want to change to the new KFK “Strategic Management”, please contact SSC for further information. In this case you have to fulfill the required “MK” with “Projektmanagement” (see 5.)
  14. Important: Over time, the range of courses offered may change (this is particularly relevant for the courses offered in Modules 4 and 5), so please refer to our web pages before embarking on a chosen path.