Master Theses Supervision

If you want to write your Master thesis with us, we will happily consider your application. In order for you to make an informed choice whether to apply or not, please do note the following:

When supervising Master theses, we consider it our responsibility to ensure that a given topic

1) Addresses a relevant gap, which can

2) Feasibly be addressed over the course of (the equivalent of) six months full time work by a candidate at Master level.

We retain the right to decide whom we supervise. While we neither need nor do justify related decisions on a case-by-case basis, we do take them in the best interest of both the candidate and our Subject Area (see also below, “Allocation of Thesis Topics”). In this process, we do not apply a standard evaluation scheme but instead assess each case on its own. That being said, and in order for you to manage your expectations, it should be obvious that prior knowledge about the candidate’s skills in pursuing independent academic work – as obtained from observing her in prior courses during the “Strategic Management” specialization, notably during the Master seminar – factors in heavily. We recommend that you do not apply for supervision prior to having passed the Master seminar with us.

Candidates pursuing the Minor in Strategic Management only (applicable to 066 914 (IBW)) will need to demonstrate that they have obtained the relevant skills required to pursue a Master thesis with us elsewhere. Conditional on you having pursued your undergraduate studies at our Faculty, it will be considered an advantage if you wrote your Bachelor thesis with us.

Finally, we recommend that you do not apply for thesis supervision unless you know that you can dedicate six months of your full capacity over the course of the coming 12 calendar months.