Administrative Issues

IMPORTANT: If registered for any of our courses, you have received an e-mail confirmation that you are either "registered" or "on waiting list" you MUST attend the respective first session.

Failure to turn up or contact us in advance usually results in your losing your place on the course. If there is an important reason (e.g.illness, death in the family) for not being able to attend the first session, you must inform us IN WRITING as soon as possible, in any case before the beginning of the first session (note: in the case of you spontaneously falling sick and not being able to report to us before the actual meeting, we will still seek to accommodate your participation if you provide medical evidence of your situation in retrospect).

Alternative work requirements do not qualify as important reasons for absence, nor do conflicting study appointments with other universities.

Conflicting study appointments within our own Faculty MAY constitute a reason for absence, however, you need to co-ordinate with us in advance.


From Winter Term 2016/17 onwards, two new curricula for Master programs (066 914 and 066 915) have become applicable to new students. Students who previously enrolled in either 066 914 or 066 915 may complete their studies according to the 2006 curricula or switch to the new curricula. More details are available via the Studienservicestelle.

From Winter Term 2014/15 onwards, the Strategic Management Subject Area has offered its own Core Subject Specialization (KFK).

Detailed information can be found here.

Please note further that all Master courses require that your admission for either of the Master programs (066 914 or 066 915) has been completed by the time of your course registration on UNIVIS/U:SPACE.

Students must be correctly registered for the relevant class BEFORE it starts. Registration for students on the waiting list needs to be clarified out after the first session at the latest. Please contact our office for any concerns around registration. Students without registration cannot be graded! Please find more information here.

We update logistical information on all our courses (access restrictions, rooms, lecture times, etc.) on the online “Course Catalogue”. Please consult the course catalogue for such details. Moreover, we publish ample information on course contents on our own WWW pages.

If you have additional questions, please send an email to

Please understand, however, that we do not have the resources to reply to emails inquiring about information which we have already published elsewhere on either the course catalogue or on our own web pages.