Information on the 2016 Curricula (Minor/Major)

More information can be found here

In case of 066 915 (if you choose both modules), you must have completed Module I (Strategic Management I) before you enrol in and attend courses from Module II (Strategic Management II).

Module I equals the Minor (20 ECTS). Both modules complete the Major (40 ECTS).


The psychology course you need to take is the following (with 3+1 ECTS), only available in the Winter Term:

200156 EC VO Arbeits,-Organisations,- und Wirtschaftspsychologie (Winter Term)

rather than the one stated in the curriculum (with 5 ECTS).This course is held in German, and is offered by the Department of Psychology.

The remaining 1 ECTS will be credited by handing in a 1-2 A4 page "dossier", your personal reflection of this course and its relevance to your studies (either in English or German). Please send your dossier/any questions related to it directly to our subject area. The dossier will be credited once you have successfully passed the psychology class. 


Regarding potential schedule overlaps of courses from our subject area with the "Einführungsphase" of the new curricula: As there are approx. 9 separate courses in Masters 914 and 915 to choose from, some overlap with other classes is likely. We aim to avoid any overlap across our own courses.

Potential Study Plan

20 ECTS (Module I=Minor)20 ECTS (Module II)
Business Strategy and Strategic Decision Making: 8 ECTSStrategic Negotiations 4 ECTS and 4 ECTS from EITHER International Strategy (Summer term only) or Strategic Innovation (Winter term only): 8 ECTS
EMP1 and EXP1: 8 ECTSEMP2 and EXP2: 8 ECTS
EC VO Arbeits,-Organisations,- und Wirtschaftspsychologie: 3+1 ECTS (Winter term only)SE Strategic Seminar: 4 ECTS

Please note: This plan assumes that you pass all of the Module I courses in the first semester.

However, places cannot be guaranteed. It will most likely take longer than 2 semesters to complete the Major.

As stated above, you do need to have completed all Module I grades before you can enroll in Module II. Module I and II complete the Major.