Module 4/Seminar and either Psychology or Law

Within Module 4, you may choose either Psychology or Law to complement the compulsory Seminar.

Master Seminar:

The Seminar in Module 4 can only be taken once Core Module 1 (8 ECTS) and Methods 1 (4 ECTS of Module 3) have been completed successfully. More information on the Seminar can be found here.



From Winter Term 2017/18:

The new psychology course for the Minor is 040319. This course is in English and has 4 ECTS, so the dossier is no longer required.


Until Winter Term 2016/17:

The Psychology element of our KFK requires both a positive grade on the exam and the handing in of a brief (1-2 A4 pages) course dossier in either English or the language of instruction, giving an overview of what you have gained from this class relevant for your Master degree. This dossier does not receive a grade as such, but will be evaluated as either + or -. Dossiers are solely administered by the Strategic Management staff, so please email it to us or contact us if there are any questions. The 1 ECTS pertaining to your dossier can be accredited once you have successfully passed the Psychology class.

Important: Since the portfolio does not receive a grade, the final grade of this module will be calculated based on the two grades you receive for psychology (3 ECTS) and the seminar (4 ECTS). This means that the grade for the seminar is more decisive for the overall grade of this module (for instance, a "1" in Psychology and a "2" in the Seminar will result in an overall "2").

If you opt for the option of Law and Seminar, they will be weighted the same when calculating the final grade of this module (both have 4 ECTS).

For the psychology course offered in Winter Term 2016, please hand in your dossier until June 2017 at the latest.



040479 Rechtsfragen der Corporate Governance (Winter Term)

040093 Wettbewerbsrecht und Kartellrecht (Summer Term)

Please note:

The Law courses build on knowledge gained during your BSc degree at this university. If you have completed your BSc at this department, the Law courses can be studied without any particular prerequisites.

External Master students please contact Studienservicecenter (SSC) whether you need to fulfil any further requirements regarding law courses.