Management Competencies

Students seeking to complete the module "Managementkompetenzen" can do so in four ways.

Option 1: Successfully complete Business Strategy + either of the following two: International Strategy or Strategic Innovation

Option 2: Successfully complete Strategic Decision Making + Strategic Negotiations

Option 3: Successfully complete Experimental Methods I and Experimental Methods II

Option 4: Successfully complete Empirical Methods I and Empirical Methods II


NOTE that mixing classes is NOT possible.

NOTE that you need to have received a positive grade for the first class before you can be admitted to the second.

NOTE that the module "Managementkompetenzen" is scheduled to be completed over a period of TWO semesters. Exceptions can only be granted under very specific circumstances which may apply to students who need to reschedule

a) due to serious personal reasons (i.e. health reasons, please supply a doctor's certificate) and

b) on the basis of having contacted us in writing as soon as possible and having been granted an exemption.


Stick to one of these tracks:

either ONE of the PRACTICE paths, which means


Business Strategy +one of these: International Strategy or Strategic Innovation


Strategic Decision Making + Strategic Negotiations.


Alternatively, chose ONE of the METHODS paths:

Experimental Methods I and II


Empirical Methods I and II.