Core Subject Combination (KFK) Strategic Management from Winter Term 2014


Please note the relevant dates (if you are in either of the old curricula) in order to graduate before 30 November 2018:


Please note that choosing our KFK or Minor/Major will entail costs based on external business case studies, for which license fees must be paid.

Please calculate the following:

Minor: ca. 35 EUR

Major: an additional approx. 35 EUR


A brief version of the requirements can be downloaded here

Please note that the old curricula for 066 915(2006) and 066 914(2006) will expire by 30 November 2018. If you cannot complete your Master degree before this date, you will need to transfer to the new curriculum of 066 914 (2016) or 066 915 (2016). More information can be found here.

More information on the requirements can be found here.

Potential Study Plan

Winter TermSummer Term
Business Strategy, Strategic Decision Making - 8 ECTSInternational Strategy, Strategic Negotiations - 8 ECTS
EMP1 or EXP1 - 4 ECTSEMP2 or EXP2 - 4 ECTS
PSY or LAW1 - 4 or 2 ECTSLAW2, SE - 2 and 5 ECTS
Module 5 - max. 8 ECTSModule 5 - max. 8 ECTS